Study Program

Year 1

CB (Creative Business) Days

Students beginning their course of study at Ecole nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy, ICN Business School and Mines Nancy are introduced to the concept and practice of interdisciplinary study during the first five days of their course. The objective of this first week’s induction program is to familiarize new students with the life and workings of a company. To do this they are asked to undertake a project which combines creativity and corporate strategy. They are organized into mixed groups of about 11 students and because they come up against students from different disciplines and different cultures, they are obliged to re-think their traditional ways of thinking, which have perhaps become too familiar to them.

To guide them through this process of self-questioning via the four major themes of the CB Day modules, students can download the practical help sheets below to help them in their thinking.

Year 2

ARTEM Workshops

In year 2 the ARTEM Workshops are the high point of ARTEM learning. For one full day each week during the whole year, the students from all three Schools meet to work together on projects, the subjects of which may be suggested by companies, associations or local government institutions. This involves students from ICN Business School and Mines Nancy in their penultimate year of Master-level study (450 and 150 students respectively) and in the final two years of ENSAD (approximately 50 students). More than 5,000 students have completed an ARTEM workshop since they were first set up. The issues studied for the workshop projects are very varied and give students an opportunity to become involved in team work and cross-disciplinary thinking around a new or experimental problem linked to the local region. The workshop projects account for 180 hours of study and experimentation during the year.

Workshops Catalogue

Year 3

Artem Insight

Towards the end of their studies, students from the three Schools combine their knowledge and skills to tackle a problem posed by a company, an organization or by public authorities. In this the students become ‘consultants’ and are required to analyze the different aspects of a problem and suggest avenues which might be explored to find a solution. The aim here is to utilize the combined talents of the manager, the artist and the designer in a concerted effort to bridge the gap between students and enterprise and so immerse the students in the realities of professional life.

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