Atelier becoming an online influencer

Atelier Becoming an online influencer

Digital marketing, market creation, and entrepreneurship

Responsable de l'atelier

Matthew Hawkins

Établir une stratégie de communication sur les réseaux sociaux afin de développer une communauté

Do you want to become a social media star? Do you like politics? Music? Cooking? Sports? Have you thought about sharing your views with others? Do you like sharing you style or travel photos on Instagram? Do you want to share your gaming addiction through Twitch? Or, are you interested in promoting your artwork (music, paintings…) online?

 This workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to develop the social media presence you always wanted. 

 The course addresses social dynamics and market creation through investigating various contexts, such as:

  • Overweight fashion bloggers
  • The Star Trek subculture
  • The rise of soft-modernism interior design

The course will also investigate the challenges and strategies involved in building a social media presence, by discussing how to change social institutions, how meaning moves across communities, and how social capital is accrued.

Compétences acquises

At the end of this workshop the learner should be able to:

  • Offer strategies to change a social system.
  • Recommended techniques to develop and maintain a community.
  • Develop a detailed strategy on how to become an online influencer.
  • Implement multiple social media identity management strategies on a social media platform.

Déroulement et organisation pratique

This course has two main parts:

1) You will develop a social media account and actively manage this account. Specifically, you will select a platform (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc..) and then try to become a Star!

2) We will explore some of the theoretical concepts behind becoming an online influencer. In particular, we will address issues related to accruing social status and changing social institutions.

 Students will need to decide which social media platform(s) they want to become an online influencer (or star) on. With guidance from the instructor, the student will produce their own social media goals to achieve. For example, # of likes, # of videos, retweet ratio, Clout score, etc. Throughout the course, we will implement specific strategies to help achieve your objectives.

Modalités d'évaluation

In-class assessment: 40% - written, oral, participation.

Mid-term assessment: 60% - presentation on experience.

Final assessment: 60% - written report detailing experience and presentation.

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