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ARTEM is a partnership between three institutions of higher education, the Nancy School of Art and Design (Ecole nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy), the ICN Business School, and the Nancy School of Engineering (Mines Nancy). Throughout the different programs of study this pioneering alliance offers a creative learning experience which is unique in France. Interdisciplinary teaching is a reality with ARTEM.

Opening your mind to unfamiliar experiences will give you invaluable insights when preparing your future career !

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Study Program

Students beginning their course of study at Ecole nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy, ICN Business School ...

In year 2 the ARTEM Workshops are the high point of ARTEM learning. For one full day each week during the whole year, the students from all three Schools meet to work together on projects...

Towards the end of their studies, students from the three Schools combine their knowledge and skills ...


21 Septembre, 2019
Visite guidées du campus Artem / Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

Visite commentée par Cyril Trétout, architecte urbaniste // limitée à 30 personnes - sur inscription
Visite commentée par Claire Alliod, paysagiste// limitée à 30 personnes  - sur inscription

Visite commentée par Cyril Trétout, architecte urbaniste // limitée à 30 personnes  - sur inscription
Visite commentée par Claire Alliod, paysagiste// limitée à 30 personnes  - sur inscription

+ 33 (0)3 72 74 14 35

+ 14h Conférence / Artem : l’université dans la ville
de Cyril Trétout, architecte urbaniste associé de l’Agence Nicolas Michelin et Associés (ANMA)
Événement gratuit - Nombre de places limitée

21 Mai, 2019
MOTE - Signature des chartes des usagers de l'îlot de compostage partagé

Etudiants, enseignants, chercheurs, administratifs, associations étudiantes du campus et habitants du quartier, vous souhaitez rejoindre la communauté d’usagers de cet îlot de compostage partagé ?

➔ rejoignez-nous à l’occasion de la signature des chartes usagers le mardi 21 mai à 18h à la Maison des étudiants du Campus Artem.

Specialist Masters Courses

The Extras of ARTEM

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The ARTEM Alliance has led to the development of one of the rare educational programs in video games in France. It combines two worlds, those of the arts and sciences, to the extent that it has now become a discipline in its own right, with its own fairs, conferences, scientific publications and its teaching and study programs.

For one semester, students from the ENSAD (École nationale supérieure d'art et de design de Nancy), and from Mines Nancy work together on creating video games. They will be joined by students from ICN at the start of the academic year 2016.

Students are divided into mixed groups to create the concepts and the scenarios for their games. The workshops last several days, and on a weekly basis, so the work is regular and intense! Students from Mines Nancy encode the games, whilst ENSAD students create the characters, develop their movements and design the sets where the characters play out their actions.

There is a presentation of the games before members of the public in June at L’Autre Canal. This enables the students to test their creations with real fans and consumers.

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The project uses skills and activities already in place in schools for pupils who do not have the advantage of living in an environment which is favorable to further and higher education study. In some instances these initiatives have been in place for a number of years. Students from the ARTEM Alliance improve and extend these initiatives and enhance the structure through new partnerships..

The ARTEM Pathway project ‘ARTEM - Ensemble vers l’avenir’ develops three types of activity: 

  • A joint system of tutorial guidance and activities intended for all the pupils in the Project: information about the project and about the opportunities for further study, with visits to the three ARTEM Schools, meetings with the students, etc., information about the different functions of an engineer, a business manager, director of a company (with visits to companies and meetings with professional practitioners), conferences, specialist workshops, and discussion groups (on current affairs, for example) ,
  • Individual guidance tutorials to help the school pupils to overcome any methodological or organizational difficulties they may have, or any difficulties in learning and acquiring knowledge, 
  • Participation in cultural events and exhibitions, to widen the pupils’ horizons and raise their expectations: museums, theater, opera, artists’ workshops, experimental cinema, etc.

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In preparation for the creation of Villa Artem which should be completed by 2019, the Nancy ENSAD wanted to set up immediately, along with ICN Business School and Mines Nancy, a new kind of incubator. This will be called Stand Up – Artem and will have the support of financial help from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and from the Regional Council for the north-east of France. The project will, over the next two years, make available, for selected graduates and students who have an enterprising project, the material conditions of the ARTEM eco-system for them to pursue their professional project or their enterprise start-up..  Stand up - Artem will support them by providing a structure of help, advice and finance during the first stages of their project.

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Artem Entreprises

As well as being an alliance between three Graduate Schools, the ARTEM community also includes some forty company directors who are committed to this unique model of interdisciplinary teaching and its added value for students and graduates seeking internships or a first employment.

In a concern to become more involved than ever in the alliance, ARTEM Entreprises is now located on the ARTEM campus where it has its own purpose-built premises for promoting enterprise. Its proximity to ARTEM students and research Faculty means that relations between the Schools and companies are so much more closely developed. It also puts students and staff in direct contact with the new requirements of business and the economy.

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For Olivier Crancée, President of ARTEM Entreprises and also CEO of the company France Lanord et Bichaton: "Multi-disciplinary training and cross-disciplinary teaching produce exactly the profile of ARTEM graduate that companies are looking for. And this applies to both large Groups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises."