Atelier Design thinking for sustainable change

Atelier Design thinking for sustainable change

RSE et Attractivité du Territoire

Responsable de l'atelier

Krista Finstad-Milion


Regions and enterprises throughout the world today face great challenges in embracing change in a sustainable way. Sustainable change means not only providing products and services that continue to satisfy the customer, but doing so while respecting the environment and operating in a socially and economically responsible way. The challenge is how to put sustainable development principles into practice! Sessions will be conducted in English with field trips to the Vosges (ranked 6th most industrialised county in France) to meet entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, managers, employees and government officials committed to putting sustainability values into practice. Students will carry out CSR audits and project management with international industrial partners Michelin, Trane, Numalliance and Cunin as well as the Conseil Départemental and Chambre des Métiers. They will also meet CSR-minded artists, craftspeople, musicians and top cooks. Creativity-enhancing learning methods compliment field visits to provide international and internationally-minded students with a balanced skill set to contribute to making a difference in tomorrow’s work environment. This Artem workshop is designed by an international teaching team alternating interactive conferences and hands-on work sessions, using computer tools to collect and share key information and map project progress, e-data banks to carry out strategic business research, design thinking sessions with company and regional stakeholders, conducting on-site interviews, surveys and audits, and carrying out team projects and presentations

Compétences acquises

> Développement des connaissances en développement durable et responsabilité sociale des entreprises et en quoi ces valeurs contribuent à la différenciation stratégique des entreprises et à l’attractivité régionale aujourd’hui.
> Application de ces concepts afin de contribuer au développement stratégique des entreprises et des territoires.
> Développement des approches créatives avec les parties prenantes clés.
> Recherche d’information à partir des bases de données électroniques.
> Techniques d’enquêtes d’information sur le terrain.
> Conception des présentations visuelles.
> Présentations orales en anglais devant des décideurs.
> Développement en management de projet et travail en équipe multiculturelle.

Projets déjà traités

> ISO 26000

> Sécurité et Conditions de Travail

> Contribution à la Communauté

> Management des Risques

> Attractivité territoriale pour les générations X et Y

Déroulement et organisation pratique

Séance 1
Kick-off session : Introduction to course, CSR awareness building activities and team-building
Séance 2
Organisational and Corporate Social Responsibilities and CSR Flash Audits
Séance 3
Design Thinking for Sustainable Change I
Séances 4 & 5
Field trip to visit partners in the Vosges/Business research methodology applied to the field
Séances 6 & 7
Project Management I & II
Séances 8 & 9
Field trip to visit partners in the Vosges/Business research methodology applied to the field
Séances 10 & 11
Strategic Oral & Visual Presentations
Séance 12
Design Thinking for Sustainable Change II
Séance 13
Project Management III
Sessions 14 & 15
Fine-tuning and Midway group presentations (exam)

Séance 16
Teamwork (usually new international students join the workshop)
Séance 17
Business Research Methodology and e-data banks
Séances 18 & 19
Theory applied to field investigations
Séances 20 & 21
Internal & External Communication
Séance 22
Design Thinking for Sustainable Change III
Séances 23 & 24
E-data bank research and Signature Articles
Séances 25 & 26
Design Thinking IV and V with partners
Séance 27
Project Management IV
Séance 28
Field trip External Communication II
Séances 29 & 30
Final presentations before company partners and team and individual debriefing

Modalités d'évaluation

rapport écrits, audit RSE en groupe, présentations orales auprès des décideurs

Projets étudiants